Hello, Hola, Bonjour, and Namaste!

My name is Indira, and I’m here to tell you a story.

I grew up in the beautiful midwestern town of East Lansing, Michigan, home to Michigan State University. My mom was a Spanish professor at the university, and she threw an epic department party at our house each month. These parties packed our house with professors and teaching assistants from all over the world ready to dance to some flamenco and eat whatever tasty kebabs my dad had on the grill.

As young as four years old, I really made my rounds through these parties telling different people my stories in English, Spanish, or a combination of both. I talked about anything from the shenanigans that I got into with my cousins to who got eliminated off of American Idol that week (and why it was either the correct or incorrect decision). I told a lot of stories, but the best part was getting to listen to some really incredible ones that I have held in my heart ever since.

My favorite thing to do has always been to tell stories.

It came as no surprise to my everybody who knows me that I chose to start a blog at the age of 16, and have decided to pursue advertising in the hopes of getting to tell lots of cool, special stories for the rest of my life.

I like to help brands tell emotional and empowering stories.

I believe that a powerful story helps integrate a brand into the life of the audience in an intentional, heartfelt manner. Ads and brands are not the enemy, even if they are often treated like one. The best way to build trust and connection between consumers and a brand is to build a relationship as people would: through finding common ground.

I think strategically.

I like doing things with a reason, and I like understanding why others act, think, or feel the way that they do. I love using this understanding to strategically tell stories that speak to people’s hearts. I’m an over-thinker, so I always think situations through from every angle and perspective that I can come up with. I like evaluating reality and coming up with a clear plan. My dad has always told me, “plan and execute,” so that’s how I roll.

I am passionate about diversity and inclusion.

I come from a multiracial family, so I grew up with the privilege of getting to call three cultures my own. I view the world through a culturally wide lens, and I dream of a day in which everybody gets to see their identity embraced and accurately represented in media. I want to be a cog in the machine that makes that happen.

I like making lists.

My brain works in lists, so I use them all the time to keep myself organized. What better way to end this introduction than with a list?

A List Of Some Favorites …

TV Shows: Friends, The Office, One Day At A Time
Singers: Rosalía, Khalid, Stevie Wonder
Feminist Icons: Malala Yousafzai, Tarana Burke, My Mom
Cities: Chicago, Madrid, New Delhi
Foods: any form of potato, Portillo’s chocolate cake, hummus
Hobbies: blogging, making long Spotify playlists, hanging out with friends or my niece