Autism Speaks

The challenge: increase ticket sales for the Autism Speaks to Young Professionals Chicago Illuminate Masquerade with a budget of $0.

The solution: create promotional content featuring emotionally-driven language centered around unity and the powerful experiences that inclusivity creates. 

Aftermath: ticket sales exceeded original estimate of 250 attendees, so AS had to rent another floor of the venue for the night.

Team: Indira Midha (account manager & copywriter), Anna Warbel (art director), Hannah Meyers (motion graphic designer), Braden Gebavi (analyst).


“With this masquerade, we will celebrate the true ingenuity of each person behind the mask. People on the spectrum may wear a mask of neurodiversity, but at “Illuminate” we celebrate their blue mask as the masterpiece that it is.

We will unveil the blue light in our visuals in an eye-catching, sophisticated way to show every attendee the beauty behind “Light It Up Blue.”


Here is the deck that we presented when given the opportunity to rewrite every word on the Autism Speaks to Young Professionals Chicago website.


My fellow interns and I attended the Illuminate Masquerade and celebrated the amazing individuals of the AS community. They selected a name that I penned for the signature drink of the night, so we got to #LightItUpBlue and end our collaboration with AS on an Illumi-nade-ed note.