Passion Project

In February of 2015, I created a YouTube channel to post a video for my high school AP English course. Little did I know, but that video would change my life.

I had a lot of fun planning, filming, and editing that video, so I decided to continue making more. I’ve always loved telling stories, so the idea of getting to share them with anybody in the world put an enormous smile on my face.

As time passed and I experimented with formats and platforms, I realized that writing was my strong suit. I built the blog that is now Indira’s Inner Beauty in June of 2016 and haven’t looked back since.

I write about things that I want young girls and women to carry with them throughout their lives. I write from an honest place in an empowered tone.

I run all of the blog’s accompanying social media accounts. My favorite part of this is talking to people who read my words and found something helpful, useful, or empowering in them.

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